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FAQ for Writers

Does Here Be Dragons Publishing charge fees?

Never! Each manuscript is evaluated for publication by Here Be Dragons Publishing on a royalty basis or outright purchase only. We do not sell services nor will we refer you to any paid services.

Who will own the copyright to my book?


You will!


If your work is selected Here Be Dragons Publishing will have a contract with you that gives us the exclusive right to publish in ebook, print and audiobook for a set period of time. We strongly recommend that if you register your edited manuscript with the US copyright office to protect your work. It's fairly inexpensive and can be done online.


Who will own the cover art?

Here Be Dragons Publishing will own the cover art but it will be made available for free to Authors for the use of promotion.

My manuscript wasn't chosen! What's wrong with it?

Not every book will work for every line. If we've passed on yours it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your book or your writing.

If your manuscript wasn't a fit for us it might be perfect for another publisher. We encourage you to continue to hone your craft, keep writing and keep submitting!

Why does Here Be Dragons concentrate on ebooks and two-narrator audiobooks?

While we currently make print books available through POD we feel the opportunities for authors, new and experienced, are growing in ebook and two-narrator audiobook formats.

What can I expect if Here Be Dragons Publishing wants to publish my book?

  • You'll be contacted about terms, sent contracts to read and sign. We strive to keep contracts simple and accessible but they are legally binding contracts and we recommend you consult an attorney you trust before signing.

  • When we have received the signed contracts you will be paired with an editor who will work with you to make your manuscript its absolute best. You will be expected to comply with editorial revisions in a timely manner.

  • You will be asked to provide a 'blurb' and physical descriptions of your characters so the cover artist can begin work.

  • You will be provided a promotion packet that will include how to claim your Amazon Author page, your Goodreads Author page etc.

What are two-narrator audiobooks?

An audiobook where an actor voices all the male roles in the book and an actress performs all the female roles.


It allows for a much more immersive experience and listeners love them!

What are you looking for in a manuscript?

We are actively seeking engaging, well-written full length (55k to 100k word) Romance of all genres including:







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